HOMEroom links teachers, teens and tots on first day of online at-home learning

March 25, 2020

Lesson planning and instruction unveiled its new look today in Crandall ISD as the district rolled out CISD HOMEroom, the online learning hub to assist families throughout the COVID-19 closure.

Created by CISD Curriculum & Instruction, HOMEroom houses instruction resources needed for at-home learning. It is organized in an easy-to-understand format to assist parents with bringing the classroom into their homes.

AJ Murry, the district’s asst. superintendent over curriculum, said the first day went well and provided good insight for program enhancements moving forward.

“We have worked with teachers and principals since last week in preparation for the rollout,” Murry said. “Their hard work paid off in giving us a head start because we knew there would be challenges. The feedback we gathered today will go a long way as we begin this new direction of learning.”

Murry stressed that HOMEroom was designed with parents in mind and encouraged they share compliments and critiques with teachers.

“Honest feedback is the only way we can get better,” she said. “Our parents have long supported this district and know we have an open door to them. Yes, that door is now accessible primarily through online platforms, but we still need families to step through and help us help them.”

One lesson already learned regards wifi capacities. Murry explained that today’s surge of online traffic impacted the district’s abilities, particularly that of Google Chromebooks—which was not unique to just Crandall ISD. However, staff was quick to adjust.

“Lots of connectivity factors are at play because the entire country is in the midst of this transition, which is slowing infrastructure across the nation,” she said. “There will be delays and we will continue doing all we can to enhance our delivery.”

Murry encourages Chromebook users that internet speeds and traffic will strengthen as people adjust to their new online instruction routines.