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Ms. Ladybug (Stefani Cause) began her counseling career with Crandall ISD at Dietz Elementary during the 2020-2021 school year.  This is her 25th year in education.  While in the classroom, Ms. Cause worked with 1st, 3rd and 4th grades over a sixteen year period.  Then, she was a reading & math specialist for seven years, helping students that were behind in reading and/or math.  Before coming to Crandall, Ms. Cause worked in Garland I.S.D. and Mesquite I.S.D.  Ms. Ladybug loves to go into classrooms and do guidance lessons, run small groups and visit with individual students.  She also enjoys helping teachers find the “why” behind student behavior 

Ms. Cause received her bachelors and master’s degree in Education from Texas A&M Commerce.  She took her classes and gained her counselor certification through the   Region X program. 

Feel free to call or email Ms. Ladybug to set up an appointment.  (972)427-6050 x-5746 There are also red papers that can be found right outside of Ms. Ladybug’s office that a students can fill out to request a meeting with her. 

When Ms. Ladybug is not at work, she can be most often found spending time with her daughter that is in High school at Crandall High School and her granddaughter that is a first grader.  She also enjoys spending time with her parents that live close as well as her two older sons. One of her sons lives in Colorado, so she frequently visits there.  Her best friend is her sister which she never gets to see enough of.